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 Gwendolyn S King , Interim Pastor
  2545 Franklin Avenue   Secane, Pa 19018     610 544 2707 

Please use our Facilities

Church Hall for Rent

Please call Jeanne at the office 610 544 2707 

for pricing

Monthly Parking Available for Secane Septa Train Station

 Please call Jeanne at the office 610 544 2707 

$25 per month.   Long term options available.

Coming Events

Breakfast Worship Service

March 31 at 10:15

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

April 13 at 11 am

Ash Wednesday Worship

March 6th  at 7 pm

Council Meeting

March 19 at 7pm.

Every Sunday

Food Certificates

Every Sunday morning we have food certificates on sale by the front door.  

We have Acme and Giant  food certificates.  

 Remember, we make $5 for every $100



 Holy Spirit meets for Worship on Sunday Mornings at 10:15 am.
Sunday School begins at 10 am, with the children coming to join in Worship
 after Pastor Gwen's sermon.